Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Highly questionable

The Cons are whining about the wording of Manitoba's CWB plebiscite which actually accurately portrayed both sides. (For those trying to claim otherwise, isn't the Cons' entire argument that the CWB should have to make a go of it in the "open market" as phrased in the second option?)

But they seem to have no problem claiming Canadians don't want to push toward Canada's Kyoto targets based on a poll with far more glaring wording problems. From Idealistic Pragmatist:
I often find their questions somewhat difficult to answer, but there was one on the last survey that took the proverbial cake: choosing between "Canada must do its part to fight global warming, and implementing the Kyoto accord is the best way to do it" and "Canada must do its part, but implementing the Kyoto accord is just one way we can do it". If you believe, as I and many others do, that Kyoto is important but not nearly enough, what do you check?

After some deliberation, I finally checked the second dissatisfactory option. And what do we find today? Headlines in the Ottawa Citizen...declaring that "Voters will forgive PM for ignoring Kyoto" (!) because "59 percent" say that Kyoto is "only one possible way to go."

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