Saturday, June 18, 2005

On listening to one's self

Ralph Goodale criticizes Europe for backloading its foreign aid promises:
If you say we're going to get there but we're not going to add a dollar until 2015 — and that is the commitment that some countries have made, entirely back-end loaded — well, it doesn't make for much help in the meantime.

Very interesting. The numbers from Goodale's budget just a few months ago:
Three-quarters of the $41.2 billion in new spending announced in the budget over the next five years will occur after April 1, 2007, with fully one-third of the overall spending in 2009-10, the last of the five years.

So is minimal spending in the meantime acceptable, as long as some money flows now? If so, I'm sure we can count on several euros worth of aid flowing immediately.

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