Sunday, June 12, 2005

Framing and pressure

What pogge says:
(I)t's a mistake for those who support single payor health care to dwell on the subject of so-called judicial activism. It shifts the debate away from where it needs to be. It shifts the focus away from governments and politicians who are responsible for the current state of affairs and who are the only ones who can do anything about it. Of course that means they'll have to stop playing politics with the issue and get down to the admittedly difficult job of actually doing something about it. But that's what we pay them for.

It's tempting to look for groups to criticize at this point, and McQuaig takes aim at a couple of easy and prominent ones. But as noted by pogge, slamming the court only ignores its proper concern over past underfunding. And as cathartic as it can be to take out one's frustrations on the Fraser Institute, that's not the target that matters now.

These are. Apply pressure accordingly.

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