Sunday, August 08, 2021

Sunday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Erika Edwards reports on a push from U.S. pediatricians to speed up the development and distribution of COVID vaccines for children due to the significantly increased threat of the Delta variant.

- Jim Stanford responds to the spin of greedy bosses and antisocial politicians by pointing out how attempts to slash social supports due to supposed labour shortages have no basis in reality.

- Leyland Cecco reports on Monte Lake, the second B.C. community to be burned off the map by climate breakdown-induced wildfires this year. Daisy Nguyen and Noah Berger report on the California towns being destroyed by the Dixie fire. And Mehdi Leman juxtaposes a number of the unprecedented fires being seen around the globe as an indication of how severe and immediate our climate crisis is. 

- Stephanie Spera offers a primer on the upcoming IPCC climate change report set to be released tomorrow.

- Paul Thacker examines how corporations endangering the public and the planet have engaged in disinformation campaigns designed to call into question anybody who dares to point out their actions.

- Finally, Daniel Heath Justice and Sean Carleton suggest eight ways to respond to residential school denialism.

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