Thursday, October 22, 2020

On personal choices

It remains clear that the victim of Scott Moe's careless driving isn't about to give up on finding out what happened - even if the local media continues to operate under Moe's orders not to so much as ask questions.

But if Moe is avoiding questions about the crash itself, here's a simple one he should have no problem addressing when it comes to Steven Balog's search for answers. 

The information Moe has requested from the RCMP will almost certainly include what would be considered personal information about Moe. And Moe's consent - or lack thereof - figures to have a substantial impact both on how long the request takes to process, and how much will actually be released. 

So if Moe refuses to speak to Balog until it's politically convenient, is he at least prepared to consent to the release of records about the crash? And if he demurs in helping at least to that minimal extent, can anybody see his apology to the cameras as anything but a cynical ruse?

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