Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Shannon Daub. Alex Hemingway and Marc Lee examine the strong consensus among the B.C. public that the recovery from COVID-19 should build a more equitable and sustainable society. The CCPA has released its alternative federal budget plan to show how that could look from a national perspective. And Nelson Bennett discusses how home retrofits are one of the key investments to produce both jobs and environmental improvements.

- Andre Picard makes the case that getting children back to school should be our top priority in managing the contact which is permitted and facilitated. And Clare Malone takes note of the lack of any response to a child care crisis which has only been more fully exposed by COVID-19.

- Brittany Andrew-Amofah and Angella MacEwen offer a primer as to what sick leave policies should include. David Sirota writes about the employers who are instead pushing for governments to force workers to jeopardize their health in unsafe jobs for want of any other means of survival. Doug Schmidt reports on the grossly insufficient food and health supports being provided to quarantined migrant workers. And Jim Stanford helpfully offers up some euphemisms which employers will use to mask their exploitation of workers.

- Janyce McGregor reports that it was the Trudeau Libs who came up with the idea of trying to foist sub-minimum-wage pay on young people even as they set up a program to allow a well-connected charity to take a substantial cut of any money provided. And Jordan Press reports on the Libs' plans to use the coronavirus recovery as an opportunity to turn social programs into corporate profit centres. 

- David Carden writes that we can fund our pandemic recovery by recovering the wealth hidden in tax havens. And Kimberly Clausing, Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman study (PDF) how to recoup the "tax deficit" of multinational corporations which have exploited a race-to-the-bottom mentality to avoid paying their fair share.

- Finally, Melanee Thomas writes about the rampant sexism underlying Alberta's power structure reflected in the surveillance of Shannon Phillips by police as she carried out her duties as a cabinet minister. And Emma May discusses how even the supposed boom times for the province have been marked by thoroughly toxic masculinity, rather than substantial improvements in the lives of women.

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