Monday, April 20, 2020

Monday Afternoon Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Bruce Campbell writes that we have a needed opportunity to reimagine how our economy and society are organized, while Gregory Beatty rightly argues that we need to push for better than merely getting back to the previous normal. Alfredo Saad-Filho points out how the coronavirus pandemic has exposed many of the weaknesses of a neoliberal model. Mathew Lawrence, Adrienne Buller, Joseph Baines and Sandy Hager discuss the need for corporations to be restructured to serve the common good, rather than enriching shareholders and executives at the expense of communities and workers. And even Mark Carney recognizes the need for markets to reflect people's interests and values, rather than being given priority over them. 

- Sharon Riley discusses the Libs' plan to put the public on the hook for remediation costs which have been neglected by the oil sector. And Duncan Cameron writes about the futility of dumping ever more public resources into the fossil fuel money pit.

- Rebecca Smith reports on how UK residents are making do with less food - including by making better use of the food already produced - in the wake of COVID-19.

- Stephen Bush writes that the pandemic is highlighting the importance of having a means to deliver a basic income to everybody, rather than requiring the development of new distribution mechanisms. And Andrew Langille discusses how Canada's CERB is continuing to fall short of the needs of people with precarious work and low incomes.

- Finally, Melanie Bechard and Thara Kumar discuss the importance of universal medical care in a pandemic. And Ralph Benmergui interviews Katy Kamkar about the need to strengthen our mental health system as people face a traumatic reality without being able to seek out the usual social supports.

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