Saturday, April 25, 2020

Saturday Afternoon Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- Jane McDonald writes about the lessons we should learn for future crisis management from the coronavirus pandemic. And Jim Stanford discusses both the importance of social trust in response to an emergency situation, and the reason for optimism that Canadians can count on it as a factor working in our favour.

- Tonda MacCharles reports on the massive increase in testing needed before we can viably reduce restrictions in the face of COVID-19. And Melanee Thomas and Lisa Lambert discuss the rationale for punishing the people who put everybody at risk.

- Jason Foster and Bob Barnetson highlight the gross failures of Alberta's occupational health and safety system in allowing the spread of COVID-19 through meat packing plants. And David Carrigg notes that John Horgan is talking to employers about ensuring that workers aren't forced to stay at work while sick - though I'd think we should be able to say that the time for talk rather than government action has long since passed.

- Meanwhile, Arthur White-Crummey reports on the Moe government's choice not to ensure child care is even capable of being made available - let alone actually available - for the employees it plans to push back to work. And the Star-Phoenix' editorial board points out the need to do more to ensure the safety and quality of life of Saskatchewan seniors. 

- Finally, Dianne Saxe discusses the folly behind the federal government's bailout of a dying oil and gas sector based on the false assumption that it can (and must) be propped up indefinitely. And Max Fawcett rightly questions why the oil sector is continuing to fund CAPP and other propaganda and lobbying operations while pleading that it needs public money to make up for a lack of cash.