Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Wednesday Morning Links

This and that for your mid-week reading.

- Noah Smith writes about the unfairness and inaccuracy in blaming people for finding themselves in poverty. And Sarah Kaine and Emmanuel Josserand call out the business sector's concerted efforts to normalize and spread systematic wage theft.

- Joelle Gergis points out that our climate is deteriorating at a rate which is alarming even to the scientists who have been monitoring it for decades. Geoff Dembicki discusses how Alberta can transition away from a dirty energy economy while ensuring plenty of work is available for people now stuck relying on fossil fuel extraction for work. And CBC News reports on British Columbia's plan to replace its entire bus fleet with electric vehicles.

- Meanwhile, Alden Wicker notes that removing water from products as packaged and sold could go a long way toward eliminating unnecessary waste.

- Finally, in an observation which echoes into Canada's federal election campaign, Bhaskar Sunkara discusses the difference between the ambitious plans of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and the "no we can't" group of Democratic presidential candidates.

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