Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- CBC News highlights how cost-of-living issues look to play a key role in Canada's federal election. And Jerry-Lynn Scofield points out that current asset valuations and economic assumptions are based on an entirely unsustainable combination of public, private and corporate debt loads.

- Adam Ramsay calls attention to Boris Johnson's government of lobbyists looking to ensure Brexit serves the interests of their wealthy clients. Christian Paas-Lang examines the well-connected donors serving up maximum contributions to both the Libs and Cons. And David Dayen discusses the need for progressive parties to highlight the corruption at the core of gross imbalances of wealth and power.

- Meanwhile, Douglas Belkin reports that the schemes rich Americans are using to game the education financing system include assigning guardianship of children to less wealthy relatives to position them to access financial aid.

- Douglas Todd reports on the employer-driven importation of temporary foreign workers in order to suppress wages and working standards. And PressProgress exposes the federal government's active promotion of pay as low as $3 per hour in the agri-food sector as part of an attempt to woo particularly exploitative employers.

- Finally, the Star-Phoenix and Leader-Post editorial boards discuss the importance of fighting poverty in order to prevent crime.

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