Monday, July 29, 2019

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Bob Rivett highlights the fact that climate protesters are motivated by the desire to save our world from the reckless corporations and politicians who are prepared to sacrifice it for short-term gain. The Associated Press reports that Chile's coast is the site of the latest uncontained oil spill, while Jimmy Thomson takes note of Constantine North's plans to contaminate Alaska's environment. Leah Stokes writes about Ohio's appalling combination of dirty fossil fuel bailouts and relaxed emission requirements. And Tom Phillips reports on Jair Bolsonaro's determination to destroy the Amazon and the Indigenous people who inhabit it.

- Jonathon Gatehouse fact-checks the NDP's climate change plan and finds that it's entirely possible to deliver the 300,000 jobs in the process of transitioning to a sustainable society. And in contrast, Andrew Leach points out the implausible (and indeed outright contradictory) claims behind Elizabeth May's energy plans.

- Stephen Leahy points out the environmental dangers - and other avoidable difficulties - created by the spread of clamshell plastic packaging.

- Wanda Thomas Bardnard writes that prisons are only exacerbating the problems they're supposed to solve by failing to prepare residents for their eventual release.

- And finally, PressProgress warns that the UCP's attacks on social programs include slashing funding for school breakfasts to hungry children.

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