Sunday, June 04, 2017

Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Armine Yalnizyan writes that a $15 minimum wage is ultimately good for businesses as well as for people:
When higher income households see wage gains, some of it goes to savings. Additional consumption also often flows to vacations and luxury goods, often imported. In other words a non-trivial part leaks out of the local economy.

When lower income households see a sustained rise in incomes, they spend virtually all of it. Most goes to food (more nutritious food or eating out), better health care and more education. Sometimes it also goes to rent (moving to a better neighbourhood). Almost all of this spending stays in the local economy.

So boost the minimum wage and you boost the economy from the bottom up.
- Jessica Carpinone highlights how an employer can thrive while paying employees a reasonable minimum wage. And Geoff Dembicki discusses how extreme high-end retailers are raking in money compared to other businesses due to the growth of income inequality in Canada.

- Cindy Blackstock asks rhetorically why the Libs continue to discriminate against Indigenous children rather than making any effort to comply with their human rights obligations. And Kristy Kirkup reports on Charlie Angus' justified criticism of a government which is happy to spend money to deny equality, but unwilling to direct resources toward achieving it.

- Kelly Toughill exposes how the same Trudeau Lib government which is still dragging its heels on even looking at meaningful amendments to Bill C-51 wasted no time at all imposing a new and information-sharing program to make personal information about Canadians available to other countries.

- Finally, Aaron Wherry writes that while the Libs may have tried to leave any talk of electoral reform in the past, plenty of Canadians still want to see a more fair voting system - and provinces and municipalities may soon be leading the way.

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