Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Leadership 2017 Links

The latest from the federal NDP's leadership campaign...

- Charlie Angus has made his pitch for a national pharmacare program as one way of reducing health care inequality.

- Guy Caron's proposal for tax reform features plenty of progressive ideas to bring in more public revenue, including through inheritance and wealth taxes. And his subsequent announcement that electoral reform will be his top priority in the next Parliament offers some needed hope for progressives who have seen the Libs break their promise yet again.

- Niki Ashton's announcement that she's expecting has attracted plenty of attention - but it's particularly worth noting (as Monique Scotti does) how it highlights the need for more parent-friendly systems both in our political system and in general.

- Jagmeet Singh's first policy proposal focuses on more fair treatment for workers under federal jurisdiction. (And yes, Kevin Milligan, they exist.)

- Jeremy Nuttall interviews Ibrahim Bruno El-Khoury about his campaign so far.

- Finally, Murray Dobbin characterizes the difference between Singh and Niki Ashton as being a clash between style and substance - though Singh seems to be working on eliminating any gap on the latter point. Rick Salutin suggests that the NDP should be looking to Bernie Sanders as an example of left populism, while seeing Angus as the best candidate on that front. And Tom Parkin examines some of the challenges and opportunities the NDP faces in Quebec.

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