Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading:

- Percy Downe notes that both the Harper Cons and Trudeau Libs have stood in the way of identifying and recouping tens of billions of dollars in unpaid taxes - leaving everybody else to pay the share of tax evaders. And Riley Sparks discusses how secret settlements - like the one reached with Manulife over its breach of money laundering rules - do nothing to deter corporate wrongdoing.

- Meanwhile, Chantal Hebert notes that Justin Trudeau has also taken his time in appointing officers of Parliament who are needed to ensure fair elections, language rights and government ethics. And Nick Gamache reports on the Libs' choice to prioritize secrecy in security oversight by rejecting amendments which would have gone some way in allow a review committee to both review and report on information beyond what the government chooses to allow it to see.

- The Globe and Mail's editorial board expresses its disbelief that Christy Clark and her donors have found a way to systematically break British Columbia's appallingly lax political financing laws. And Gary Mason writes that no amount of international embarrassment seems likely to change the B.C. Libs' money-first orientation.

- Tavia Grant writes about Canada's continuing gender pay gap. And Sarah Rieger notes that while the Trudeau Libs' record on gender parity is generally uninspiring, it's downright abysmal when it comes to jobs and wages.

- Finally, Brent Patterson discusses the twin benefits of protests in both shifting public opinion on an issue, and increasing political engagement. And Rosemary Westwood points out that those results explain why people seeking to avoid public participation in politics are so quick to dismiss activism.

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