Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Evening Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- Paul Wells notes that the Trudeau Libs are having trouble keeping their story straight in pretending to appeal to Canada's middle class. And Brent Patterson writes that the renegotiation of NAFTA is just one more area where the Libs aren't interested in hearing from anybody but big business.

- NUPGE points out the connection between tax dodging and privatization - as a failure to bring in tax revenue is regularly trotted out as an excuse to sell off public assets.

- Helen Nadin discusses the U.K. labour movement's take on the spread of precarious work. Jordann Thirgood and Sunil Johal call for social supports which reflect the current labour market, rather than one based on employment stability which isn't actually available. And Noah Smith suggests taxing profits and building sovereign wealth funds, rather than focusing on pricing automation alone.

- Meanwhile, Erica Johnson exposes how the financial sector is exploiting the public to boost its own profit margins - and forcing workers to break the law in the process.

- Finally, Dermod Travis comments on the embarrassing state of British Columbia's political donation rules (or lack thereof). Nicolas Graham, Shannon Daub and Bill Carroll report on the $5.2 million funnelled into the B.C. Libs' coffers by the fossil fuel industry, while Carol Linnitt takes note of the massive donations from  the natural gas sector in particular - along with the constant access granted as a result. Karin Larsen reports that the illegal funnelling of money to the Libs through lobbyists has been referred to the RCMP for investigation just in time for this year's election campaign. And Justine Hunter reports that even Christy Clark's shameless election run against her own abuses doesn't include any intention of regulating donations.

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