Thursday, March 09, 2017

New column day

Here, on how public enterprises (such as Crown corporations) and a heritage fund should both be part of a general plan to build social capital - and why the Saskatchewan Party's deference to business stands in the way.

For further reading...
- Stefani Langenegger reported on yesterday's impressive rally in support of Saskatchewan's Crowns and public services. And Emily Jackson discussed Brad Wall's latest contortion on the Crowns - as he's now attempting to gloss over a dubious plan to pass legislation which would allow him to sell major stakes short of a majority without public review or consultation.
- And Louis-Philippe Rochon has commented repeatedly on how the Trudeau Libs' policies (including privatization) have also favoured corporate elites over the public, while Scott Dippel reports that Naheed Nenshi is among many who don't want to see our federal commonwealth sold off.

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