Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Afternoon Links

Assorted content to start your week...

- Remember the Cons' talking point that we should assume all of the Robocon calls which purported to come from Lib candidates could safely be said to have come from that source? Because Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher just shot a massive hole in the claim, finding that the same Pierre Poutine responsible for sending voters to fraudulent poll locations also recorded a call impersonating the Lib campaign.

- Bruce Campbell suggests five tests for the federal budget - though the smart money is on the Cons paying lip service to one and actively refusing to show any interest in the rest.

- Leftdog runs down some of the Wall government's sad legacy of wilful ignorance.

- Finally, in news surrounding Thomas Mulcair's election as NDP leader, Dan Lett highlights the opportunities open to the party following Mulcair's election. Joanna Smith looks at some of the new talent joining the NDP as part of Mulcair's team, while there have already been a few noteworthy departures as well. Robin Sears points out the trade-offs NDP members considered in voting for Mulcair. Frances Russell describes Mulcair's victory as reflecting the NDP turning the page on turning the other cheek. And John offers a nuanced analysis of the campaign.

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