Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Evening Links

Assorted content to end your day.

- Carol Goar asked this weekend for a reasonable explanation as to how to allocate the pain in times of austerity. Not surprisingly, the McGuinty Libs came to the wrong answer - and the Harper Cons figure to do even worse. Meanwhile, Trish Hennessy comments on the power of "austerity" as a concept (while Paul Krugman duly mocks the latest attempt to spin it).

- Min discusses the Cons' seemingly bottomless supply of free money for the oil sector even as they slash anything else within reach. And Andrew Nikiforuk highlights the Cons' quasi-religious devotion to the tar sands as the only explanation for many of their decisions.

- Andrew Jackson writes that the Cons' plans to attack OAS won't actually produce any savings - only serve the purpose of making social supports less effective.

- Finally, for those wondering how long it would take for a Lawyers for Fair Taxation group to develop, the answer was...not long at all.

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