Thursday, November 17, 2022

Thursday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Maggie O'Neill discusses how new research is confirming the importance of avoiding COVID reinfections. And Edward Keenan asks what it will take for us to take even such basic precautions as masking if overflowing pediatric intensive care units are being seen as an acceptable trade-off for living in denial of an ongoing pandemic and other infectious diseases, while Public Health Ontario confirms (PDF) that masking requirements and other public health measures are the best defence against the spread of new variants.  

- Jon Meddings and Paul Armstrong call out the pandemic of misinformation which is serving to make matters worse in Alberta (and elsewhere). And Kevin Esvelt points out what the feeble-to-destructive reaction to an unintended pandemic might mean if a deliberate one were put in motion. 

- Linda McQuaig discusses how billionaires' disproportionate contribution to the climate crisis and resource exhaustion makes them among the most dangerous people on the planet. And Gloria Novovic calls out the Libs for offering personal moralizing as a distraction from systemic exploitation and inequality.  

-  Matt Bruenig points out how means-testing of benefit programs serves only to increase costs while also making public support far more fragile. 

- Finally, Elizabeth Thompson reports on the evidence of foreign donations to the #FluTruxKlan which has been confirmed through the Emergencies Act commission. And Monia Mazigh discusses how the inquiry has also highlighted the difference in treatment between white, privileged occupiers and minority groups who have quickly been labeled threats to national security. 

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