Friday, November 18, 2022

Friday Afternoon Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- Heather Scoffield examines the lessons we should be learning from the COVID-19 pandemic if it hadn't been disappeared down the memory hole. And Delphine Planas et al. study the wave of newly-developed variants which looks set to render existing monoclonal antibodies obsolete. 

- Don Drummond and Sarah Miller write that economic forecasts which don't account for the climate breakdown - and the costs of inaction in mitigating it - are obviously unfit for purpose. Cloe Logan discusses the importance of fighting against the climate misinformation which is used as an excuse for continued carbon pollution. And Laura Cameron asks when the oil industry will start investing in actual emission reductions if it's not bothering while rolling in windfall profits - though it's all too clear that it views "never" as the only acceptable answer. 

- Paul Wells points out the appalling implications of Pierre Poilievre's plan to apply Alberta's moralistic harm maximization to the drug poisoning crisis on a national scale. And Yann Marten offers his take on the realities facing homeless people in a province which can't be bothered to make empty housing available to them. 

- Finally, Jen St. Denis discusses the problem with planning for police to respond to mental health calls. And Rumneek Johal and Stephen Magusiak expose how police forces across Canada are commissioning misleading "think tank" pieces in order to steal funding from any other type of crisis response or social support. 

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