Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Xue Cao et al. find that infection with COVID-19 produces accelerated physical aging among its other alarming effects, while Jan Hennigs et al. discuss the development of respiratory muscle dysfunction as a product of long COVID. Which means - as noted by Moira Wyton - that the decision to get an additional booster vaccine is an easy one for the people in a position to receive it.  

- Eve Darian-Smith highlights how the same anti-social industries (including resource extraction and finance sectors) are lobbying both to perpetuate carbon pollution and install authoritarian governments to ensure that efforts to build a healthy population and planet don't serve as barriers to short-term profits. Vanessa Nakate warns against outside efforts to impose gas dependence on Africa when its development can be powered with cleaner technology. 

- Diana Kruzman writes about the developing phenomenon of "flash droughts" which are threatening the availability of food and water in the U.S.' midwest. And Christy Climenhaga discusses how glaciers have melted past the point of no return in the western Canadian Rockies, making our water supplies far more precarious. 

- Cory Doctorow points out the problems with accepting "vote with your wallet" as a means of expressing values in the context of choices severely constrained by corporate decision-making. And Judd Legum writes about the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to constitutionalize the right to corruption on the part of the people whose extreme wealth can swamp democratic politics. 

- Jake Johnson discusses the record executive pay being handed out even as workers are told (at both the firm and social levels) that they need to accept cuts in real income to avoid inflation. Richard Burgon writes that the UK should be capping prices and profits rather than wages. And Heather Scoffield approves of the NDP's plan to ensure that inflation doesn't create more poverty and inequality by having the wealthy pay more to double the low-income GST credit. 

- Finally, Umair Haque pleads for Americans to pay attention to the violent takeover of their society by white supremacists. 

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