Saturday, May 21, 2022

Saturday Afternoon Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- William J. Barber and Tope Folarin write that the U.S.' grim milestone of one million COVID-19 deaths already serves as a searing indictment of its policy choices and disregard for people living in poverty - and this before a combination of Republican cruelty and Democratic fecklessness results in there being no resources at all to meet a new wave of the coronavirus. And Alicia Wittmeyer looks at some of the human toll through the last messages between victims and their loved ones.

- John Smith discusses how rising costs and declining standards of living are pushing people living in poverty into perpetual fear and desperation. And Listen Chen examines how supportive housing may do as much harm as good in attempting to address homelessness - particularly by creating excuses for commercial landlords to evict the people in need of a home. 

- Bill McKibben points out how major corporations are feeding into the climate breakdown through their financial holdings while pretending to be green in their direct operations. And Emily Chung highlights how Canada's oil sector is trying to claim credit for carbon emission reductions when all it's done is to disclaim responsibility for the dirty energy it exports - or as Paul Dechene puts it:

- Meanwhile, Kevin Philipupillai reports on the Libs' latest move to avoid answering for continuing to pour public money into the Trans Mountain pipeline (among other fossil fuel subsidies), this time by reclassifying Trans Mountain Corporation to evade a need for Parliamentary approval for financing.

- Finally, Adam Serwer discusses how the "great replacement" bigotry underlying the Buffalo mass shooting (among other massacres) has become mainstream Republican messaging.

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