Thursday, February 24, 2022

Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Jacques Poitras talks to some of the at-risk people whose freedom will be undermined by the scrapping of public health protections. Phil Tank calls out Scott Moe for refusing to report on child COVID deaths (among other essential information even from the standpoint of making personal decisions, to say nothing of evaluating the Sask Party's policy choices). And Tasnim Ahmed reports on the latest research on the long-term harm caused by COVID infection. 

- The Maple examines what would be needed to compensate and support the people who lost weeks of their lives to the #FluTruxKlan. Armine Yalnizyan takes a look at the widespread costs in Ottawa and beyond. And Yvette Brend reports on the fragility caused by our reliance on a single, privately-owned bridge (among other limited border crossings) for so much of our international trade. 

- Umair Haque discusses the vicious circle created by the combination of wilfully ignorant people and capitalists looking to exploit them. And Joe Roberts writes about the need for global institutions to deal with problems that go far beyond the borders and interests of any single nation-state. 

- Alex Cosh examines the Libs' corporative-executive-heavy cabinet and its disconnect from the economic realities facing most Canadians. And Greg Jericho reports on Australia's plummeting real wages - and the desperate attempts of a right-wing government and its corporate cronies to paper over them.

- Jerusalem Demsas examines the causes and implications of the U.S.' increasing lack of mobility.  Matthew Yglesias discusses why people who own homes should welcome new and dense home construction. And Sara Birrell starts a must-listen series of podcasts with a discussion of the economy of land in Saskatchewan. 

- Finally, CBC News reports on the warning from Saskatchewan's treaty commissioner that the province is falling far short of meeting its obligations to First Nations and Indigenous peoples. 

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