Sunday, February 20, 2022

Sunday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Umair Haque writes about the reasons why the COVID pandemic is far from over - and indeed the worst may be yet to come if we abandon the public health measures needed to reduce foreseeable harms. Smriti Mappalaty discusses the increasing proponderance of reinfections and breakthrough infections due to the Omicron variant. And Phil Tank calls out the conspiracy theorists looking to undermine what are already likely significant undercounts of the harm caused by COVID.

- Josh Keller offers a visual take on how long COVID wears out the human body. And David Mercer talks to Kelly Fearnley about her personal battle with the coronavirus as her government moves to "let 'er rip" among the general public.

- Meanwhile, CBC Radio discusses how single mothers have faced a particularly large and exhausting set of new burdens in the course of the pandemic.

- Ryan Broderick writes about Facebook's role in spreading propaganda on the part of the #FluTruxKlan, while Daniel Dale fact-checks the glaringly false claims that the occupation has more than fringe popular support. Todd Gordon notes that far-right uprisings are far from new or unusual in Canada's history. And Amnesty International weighs in on both the damage done by the convoy itself, and the authorities' conspicuously gentle response to an insurrection led by white supremacists.

- Finally, Eliza Strickland and Mark Harris report on the obsolescence of eye implants as an egregious example of the dangers of relying on private corporations to provide and support medically necessary aids.

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