Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Devon McKendrick reports on Manitoba's announcement of a digital vaccine passport as a means of both incentivizing people to get vaccinations, and ensuring that additional activity avoids unacceptable risks to the public. And Andre Picard writes about the merits of vaccination-based lotteries to similarly encourage hesitant people to help stop the spread of COVID-19. 

- Zak Vescera reports on the Moe government's inexplicable plan to sweep away overdose prevention sites set up in the course of the coronavirus pandemic. And Jim Storrie writes that the constant stream of preventable drug-related deaths is the scandal which deserves to be top of mind for Albertans in evaluating the UCP.

- Richie Assaly highlights the need to be skeptical of empty words from the Cons (and Bloc) who have long minimize or stoked Islamophobia for their own political gain. And Max Fawcett reminds us how the Cons in particular are at the root of the prejudice which they now pretend to decry.

- George Monbiot discusses how a series of shifting targets and highly selective metrics has substituted for actual greenhouse gas emission reductions in the UK. And Andrew Nikiforuk examines some of the lies and spin used to excuse climate inaction in Canada.

- Finally, Doug Cuthand discusses the importance of finally giving due respect to the burial sites of children killed by violent colonialism.

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