Monday, June 07, 2021

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Adam Miller writes about the race between vaccinations and COVID-19 variants. The Strategic COVID-19 Pandemic Committee of Edmonton Zone Medical Staff Association highlights why it's reckless to be insisting on an end to public health regulations (and concurrent encouragement of potential superspreader events). And Lori Culbert writes about the Surrey ICU staff who have had to deal with the worst of British Columbia's case load. 

- Vass Bednar and Robin Shaban make the case for a national bus service to ensure the economic and social viability of rural regions - while noting that there's a healthy opportunity to use Canada Post's existing infrastructure as a starting point.  

- Jennifer Knoch points out how the Libs' Greener Homes Grant conspicuously fails to offer anything to most renters - resulting it exacerbating inequality even as it makes a contribution to energy efficiency. And Johanna Bozuwa and Olufemi Taiwo make the case to nationalize the fossil fuel sector to clear away a massive structural obstacle to a clean energy transition. 

- Finally, Kelly Candaele talks to Morris Pearl and Erica Payne about the need for a fair tax system in which the richest few contribute to social well-being, rather than paying a lower proportion of their income in taxes than people who lack the means to warp public policy to suit their greed. 

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