Saturday, August 29, 2020

Off target

In case there was any doubt how much of a gap there is between the Moe government's propensity for making promises about COVID-19 control and its capacity to delivery, how's this for a timeline?

August 10, 2020: Having just hired 90 additional staff to deal with a massive backlog in the testing intake process, the Saskatchewan Health Authority loudly announces that it will be able to test 4,000 people per day by September 1.

August 28, 2020: The Saskatchewan Health Authority's status in recruiting staff needed to meet that target by the next week consists of...relaxing the standards applied to laboratory workers (meaning that new workers will require more training), and having "hopes" of hiring additional medical laboratory technologists to provide far more capacity than currently exists.

To be clear, it's essential for the province to both build its testing capacity, and encourage people to make use of it (particularly in light of the stories of delay which have been told so far).

But we have every reason to be wary of a government which fails to plan ahead for what's needed, makes promises that can't be kept because of that failure, and then bases organizational decisions on a combination of panic and wishful thinking based on the hope of salvaging something from the wreckage.


  1. Phillip Huggan2:59 p.m.

    I think we need improved nanotechnologies pertaining to endocytosis of pathogens such as Covid, as well as for iron particles. London has found Covid breaks vessel strings that prevent platelets from clumping. I don't think we have good enough enforcement of good researcher numbers, to now attempt to genetically engineer new strings on us mid-disease. I do think we should use nanotechnology and weaker biomimetics to make novel phagocytes or otherwise "poison" containers, that can be safely streamed out without causing bladder disease. I also think we need to use MPI to pick good leaders and come together for good decisions. Iron oxide is toxic, so it needs to be a more fragile magnet and/or we need a better way of eliminating from our bodies. The easy system is to select health advisors who do well in hypothetical disease simulations. The next pandemic might have an initial r0 of 8 and be 20% lethal, unless we consume synthetic endocytosis particles beforehand. Synthetic biology and/or gene therapy on the other hand might produce disease effects that can't be engulfed as a cure.
    So, the idea here would be to test the novel phagocytes on animals first, two dozen military bigwigs last, and in between...who likes iron or enrolling in challenge research for engulfing lesser pathogens?

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