Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- report on a new study showing the U.S. could save tens of thousands of lives by requiring universal mask use. And the Economist notes that a single person wearing a mask for a day can produce over $50 in value through that act alone.

- The Leader-Post and Star-Phoenix' editorial boards team up to argue for stronger provincial action to ensure safe schools this fall. But they notably fall short of addressing the problems of class size and facilities which loom as the issues requiring the most investment - particularly in light of the research reported on by Chase Banger which shows how increased class sizes could cause COVID-19 to spread by large multiples.

- Meanwhile, Natalie Nanowski discusses how a return to less-than-safe schools is likely to force isolation within families as vulnerable people have to choose between maintaining contact with children and staff exposed to school populations, and their own health.

- Ismail Ibrahim and Joey Jamil write about the need for action to avoid an eviction crisis in Ontario as landlords have been given the ability to hike rent and push people out of their homes even as temporary income supports are disappearing. And Melissa Lopez-Martinez reports on Mumilaaq Qaqqaq's work highlighting the desperate need for safe and healthy housing in Nunavut.

- Finally, Mark Melnychuk reports on the continued lack of mental health supports in Saskatchewan, as well as the activists fighting to make them available.

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