Thursday, August 08, 2019

New column day

Here, on how a public drug manufacturer could both secure Canada's supply of needed medications in the face of threats from both corporate greed and U.S. policy threats.

For further reading:
- Adam Houston and Amir Attaran have been warning about the dangers of a U.S. importation scheme for some time now. And Amina Zafar reports on the call from Canadian oncologists to ensure that needed cancer drugs are available, even as their suppliers have chosen to limit or discontinue them.
- Lauren Gambino reported on Bernie Sanders' caravan to highlight the availability of insulin in Canada which is entirely unaffordable in the U.S. And Hannah Frishberg reports on a particularly vivid example of the human cost of people scrimping on needed medications.
- Finally, both Andre Picard and Tom Koch point out the problems with allowing drug exports to the U.S. under the current, corporate-controlled system.

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