Friday, August 09, 2019

Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- Robinson Meyer writes about the latest IPCC report on how our climate crisis endangers the land we rely on. And George Monbiot responds by noting that it understates the need for changes in how we produce and consume food, while the Canadian Press notes that it already identifies serious risks to our food supply.

- Meanwhile, Joe Romm reports on BNP Paribas' research suggesting that the rise of affordable renewable energy will make all but the cheapest oil unusable even without taking into account the social costs of carbon pollution. And Peter McCartney points out that plenty of Albertans are already well aware that a transition away from fossil fuels is coming, meaning that the only question is whether we cause undue harm by delaying the inevitable.

- Megan Stacey and Randy Richmond write that London is losing the war against poverty due to addictions and a lack of affordable housing. And Jason Antonio reports on the harm inflicted by Scott Moe's self-serving policies on the people of Moose Jaw and across Saskatchewan.

- Jim Stanford comments on Australia's disastrous shift toward privatized and unequal education as Andrew Scheer tries to impose the same types of educational disparities in Canada.

- Finally, Zak Vescera discusses how Canada is failing to keep up with the threat of right-wing extremism.

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