Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Paul Theroux comments on the gall of corporations who move jobs to the cheapest, least-safe jurisdictions possible while trumpeting their own supposed contributions to the countries they leave behind. And Wilma Liebman sees more progressive labour legislation as one of the keys to encouraging workers to organize and secure better working and living conditions.

- The Star's editorial board writes about the need for far more debate about poverty and precarity in Canada's federal election. And Max Ehrenfreund discusses the connection between income and life expectancy, while noting that inequality is going up (and the poorest class is seeing absolute declines) in both.

- Hilary Beaumont, Rachel Browne and Justin Ling report on the Libs' apparent plans - in both their platform and Justin Trudeau's own public statements - to unleash large-scale domestic surveillance on Canadians. (And the apparent clarification that they don't know what they're actually promising doesn't exactly inspire confidence in their general interest in civil liberties, including their vague tut-tutting about C-51.)

- Meanwhile, Susan Delacourt contrasts the option of an inclusive, multicultural society against that of a Con-approved "snitch state" where everybody's looking for reason to report everybody else as unCanadian.  And Neil MacDonald sees the Cons' deliberate discrimination as the barbaric cultural practice we should be concerned about.

- Finally, Heather Mallick summarizes how the Harper Cons have gone out of their way to ruin Canada.

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