Sunday, October 04, 2015

Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Ian Welsh writes that the Harper Cons have destroyed Canada's historic economic balance by scrapping the parts of the manufacturing sector which previously provided a buffer against low resource prices. And Bruce Campbell compares Canada's record on climate change to Norway's, and concluding that it isn't only in terms of royalties and heritage funds that we're far worse off for catering to big oil.

- Andrew Jackson comments on the role government investment should play in improving Canada's record on innovation. But Joseph Stiglitz and Adam Hersh flesh out what the Cons are pushing instead: "trade" agreements which serve mostly to entrench the existing advantages of the wealthy. And Annie Lowrey discusses the connection between tax evasion and inequality.

- Alex Boutilier reports on SumOfUs' work in exposing the connection between Con donations and patronage appointments.

- Toby Sanger offers a reminder that the NDP's track record of fiscal management is far better than that of any other political party.

- Alex Hemingway summarizes why C-51 and other civil rights concerns need to be at the forefront of the federal election.

- Finally, Suzanne Goldenberg comments on Tony Turner's role as the face of a suppressed public service. And Lana Payne echoes Turner's most famous theme by saying the election should come down to a referendum on the Harper Cons' woeful record. 

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