Monday, September 21, 2015

On ill-advised pledges

Shorter David Beers:
We should start demanding that candidates drop out if a single poll shows them running behind because there's absolutely no history of voters' minds changing in the month before election day.


  1. Beers is right.
    The NDP partisans like yourself should stop measuring the windows at 24 Sussex for orange curtains and start thinking about voting efficiently.
    Or wake up to another Harper gov't on Oct 20.
    I already put the question/request to the candidates in my riding - no response as yet.
    Thc candidates could pair up.
    The Lib in North Burnaby-Seymour drops out with the NDP from Eglinton Lawrence.
    They would be defying their parties but perhaps get vindicated by results.

    1. Perhaps yes, perhaps no even based on the limited view of politics that says a party shouldn't try to present its values in all ridings. And if, say, Quebec's NDP candidates had followed exactly the same advice at the same point in the last election, the Cons' position would actually have been strengthened - meaning that the call to drop out in the name of defeating Cons is of questionable value even within the "anybody but" frame of reference.