Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Lydia DePillis and Jim Tankersley write that U.S. Democrats are recognizing the need for concerted pushback against the Republican's attacks on organized labour - and rightly framing the role of unions in terms of reducing the inequality the right is so keen to exacerbate.

- And another obvious advantage to greater labour power would be a stronger push against the extractivist ideology that's turning pensions and public utilities into corporate cash cows at our expense. 

- Sean McElwee and Catherine Ruetschlin discuss the multi-generational impact of systemic discrimination - while noting that the U.S. Supreme Court seems inclined to lock in the disadvantage faced by the groups who face it due to past policy choices.

- Alex Boutillier reports that the Cons' attempt to turn Muslims into an object of fear runs contrary to CSIS' own research showing white supremacists to be the largest source of "lone wolf" attacks around the world.

- Finally, Ryan Gallagher offers one example of the gross abuse of surveillance technology, as New Zealand has used NSA systems to intrude on both democratic governments and anti-corruption activists. And PressProgress notes that the Cons are gleefully recruiting candidates who in addition to their racist beliefs are determined to stop "Greenpeace and the intellectuals of this world" as being contrary to their worldview.

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