Monday, January 21, 2013

#skndpldr Roundup

This past weekend saw another Saskatchewan NDP leadership debate, this time in Weyburn. But oddly enough (particularly given the presence of some of the most active social media presences in the campaign), Saturday's debate was the first not to be covered live at the time - meaning that the best sources of discussion for the moment are Jason's post and Jennifer LaCharite's story. As per usual, I'll look at the debate in a bit more detail once the video is available.

Meanwhile, the campaigns were otherwise relatively quiet over the past few days. Ryan Meili did unveil his policy planks on First Nations and justice (along with a redesigned website), and Meili, Trent Wotherspoon and Cam Broten have each held events as this week's membership deadline approaches.

Finally, Very Serious People are talking about what "some people" have told them about the race. Any resemblance to observable reality is purely coincidental.

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