Monday, December 10, 2012

#skndpldr Roundup

News and notes from Saskatchewan's NDP leadership campaign...

- I wasn't sure whether Ryan Meili's reddit appearance would result in much difference from other forms of candidate interaction. But the outcome looks to have been a noteworthy discussion - both in a range of creative questions (indeed more than Meili could answer in the time allotted), and in the free-flowing responses including an amended take on what government can do to encourage honest and open political debate.

- Meili also released his platform on education and child care - with the latter looking to give him a ready answer to each of his competitors as it combines a $7 per day child care system with increased access to pre-kindergarten and supports for stay-at-home parents.

- With much of Saskatchewan's political scene responding to the Provincial Auditor's latest comments on the provincial books, Erin Weir pointed out that we should draw two lessons from the province's current fiscal reporting: that we should indeed have a single, accurate set of books, but also that we should use the more accurate picture to raise revenue at a time when we can't justify running a deficit.

- Finally, Brett Estey and Tracey Mitchell were again the best sources for live coverage of this weekend's forum in La Ronge. And it's particularly worth noting that Trent Wotherspoon faced a direct challenge from Cam Broten as to his position on revenue sharing with First Nations - though I'll be curious to see the question and answer in detail.

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