Thursday, December 13, 2012

New column day

Here, on the need for the labour movement to reach beyond currently-unionized workplaces to address the needs of unrepresented workers - and the positive signs on that front.

For further reading...
- Thomas Walkom recognizes the same common interests between workers in different types of workplaces, but worries that the labour movement hasn't yet done enough to bridge the gap.
- Meanwhile, We Move to Canada documents a few of the more promising signs in recent months; Laura Clawson discusses the Black Friday protests; Josh Eidelson reports on the New York City fast-food strike; and David Dayen notes that Michigan's attacks on unions may not be the law of the land for long.
- Finally, Pat Atkinson weighs in on the Saskatchewan Party's massive employment legislation, pointing out in particular how it figures to impose longer hours on service-sector workers.

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