Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saskatchewan NDP Convention 2011 - Saturday Morning Update

A few quick notes on #policy11, which is taking place in Regina this weekend...

- Yes, the convention is dealing with a full set of policy resolutions to go with the party's policy review. But I suppose if the NDP deals with policy twice and the Sask Party not at all, then it all evens out in the end.

- Among the livelier discussions in the resolution panel I attended: whether to plan for a resource revenue trust fund to fund a guaranteed annual income (which was approved), and whether to revisit the idea of storing nuclear waste (which was defeated).

- Cam Broten introduced the policy review document yesterday, but the convention discussion will begin this morning.

- And the party is putting on a significant push to encourage discussion through social media as well as on the convention floor. Again, you can get the latest discussion on Twitter at #policy11.

[Edit: fixed Twitter links.]

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