Sunday, November 28, 2010

Full circle

When the Cons first took office, their first step in dealing with climate change was to abandon any intention of complying with a global agreement which set comprehensive, country-by-country targets in favour of a "Made in Canada" scheme that of course never developed.

When people started asking questions about their annual declarations that a national plan was coming "next year", the Cons responded that it was silly to try to develop anything in Canada rather than harmonizing a strategy with the U.S. as Canada's largest trading partner.

And now that the U.S. is actually implementing some standards for large industrial facilities, the Cons are declaring their intention to ignore what the U.S. is doing...because it isn't comprehensive enough.

Which raises the question: can we all agree to ignore the Cons' talking points du jour on climate change in favour of the general conclusion that they're firmly opposed to whatever anybody proposes to do about it?

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