Monday, November 29, 2010

Cause for abolition

In case there was any doubt, Harper Senate appointee Pamela Wallin confirms what we've known all along: as far as the Cons are concerned, democracy means passing only the bills they approve of regardless of how a majority of MPs have voted:
Sen. Wallin criticized the opposition MPs and Liberal Senators who were criticizing the Conservatives for defeating the bill. Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) had previously said in October 2008 that "We don't believe an unelected body should in anyway be blocking an elected body."

Critics reiterated that line back to the Conservatives when the bill was defeated, but Sen. Wallin said it's a "totally different" situation.
"It isn't a government bill. There was not one Conservative in the House of Commons that voted for it. It's a coalition bill, a private member's bill put forward by a New Democrat. This is not a government bill, this is not some piece of legislation that came to us from the House of Commons voted on as was the budget for example, by the two main parties. This was a private member's bill by a new democrat. This is a totally different thing."

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