Tuesday, May 04, 2010

On trial balloons

As Leftdog has noted, the Saskatchewan NDP has released a second new ad ("Balloon"), focusing on the Wall government's woeful fiscal track record and its consequences for the province:

On the plus side, the ad is definitely eye-catching, as the cartoon effect and motion of the balloon on screen figure to attract more viewers than a cookie-cutter ad would. And more importantly, it follows up its attention-grabbing effect by packing loads of information (in both visual and audio form) into its 30-second run time.

Of course, the sheer volume of information may have some drawbacks as well, since a substantial part of the message may end up getting lost in the shuffle for the moment. But while that would be a serious problem in election advertising, I'd have to think the NDP's main focus needs to be on planting seeds which will bear fruit in terms of more concrete impressions around the 2011 election date. And the two ads so far look to make for an important start toward that goal.

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