Thursday, April 01, 2010

"Pure nonsense"

It seems that there's general agreement in Saskatchewan's media that the Sask Party's attacks over Dwain Lingenfelter's pension are completely uncalled for. And unlike Murray Mandryk in the Leader-Post, the Star-Phoenix rightly focuses on the party responsible rather than trying to spin the issue into Good News for Brad Wall(tm):
The unfair attack by the Saskatchewan Party on Dwain Lingenfelter over the NDP leader collecting a pension for his past services as an MLA only serves to undermine the entire political system for short-term partisan gain.

Despite Saskatchewan Party MLA Bill Boyd's attempt to paint Mr. Lingenfelter in a bad light for collecting a pension while serving in the assembly, the NDP leader is doing nothing wrong.
To argue as Mr. Boyd does, that Mr. Lingenfelter should have asked the government to change the law to allow his pension to be temporarily suspended, because the rules of the plan don't allow members to defer their payments, is pure nonsense.

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