Monday, March 29, 2010

Well said

Following up on this morning's post, Paul Wells also notes the potential for the Libs' shifting stance on corporate taxes to facilitate a coalition - and points out why it'll be self-defeating for Ignatieff to stick to the no-coalition line (emphasis in original):
There are two possible responses to coalition talk: “Never!” and “Maybe.” “Never!” was the one Ignatieff tried last autumn. It has the advantage of drawing a sharp distinction between himself and Dion’s ruinous 2008 adventure. The disadvantage is that it’s irresponsible. If, say, 120 Conservatives, 118 Liberals and 40 New Democrats were elected (leaving 30 Bloquistes; I just pulled these numbers out of the air, any other outcome is possible), it would simply be asinine for everyone to sit around and let Stephen Harper run everything for another two or four years when a stable Liberal-NDP arrangement (with or without Bloc support) could be envisioned.

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