Friday, September 18, 2009

On foolish games

Never mind Omar Alghabra, it looks like Michael Ignatieff may want to have a word with Michael Ignatieff over his political games. Ignatieff today:
Mr. Ignatieff at first told reporters Friday that he did not want to play “games” by criticizing the NDP's position, but did later poke fun at his rivals on the opposition benches.
Now, the statement that Ignatieff doesn't want to play games looks odd enough based on the quote which follows. But it looks downright ridiculous compared to Ignatieff's public position yesterday:
The Liberals have offered to speed passage of Tory EI legislation, hoping to rob the NDP of its rationale for propping up the Harper government.
"We don't want to give Mr. Layton any alibis," Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said.
Of course, it remains to be seen how many more "games" Ignatieff and his party continue to play by their own definition. But it should be abundantly clear that Ignatieff isn't interested in trying to do much other than dig himself down to Stephen Harper's level of complete disconnection between what he claims to aspire to and how he actually acts. And that's unlikely to be a winning angle when Canadians prepared to put up with that kind of duplicity already figure to be in Harper's camp.

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