Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alberta NDP Convention - Resolutions

The resolution from the DRP which figures to give rise to the most interesting debate this morning is as follows:
Whereas many Albertans firmly believe that Alberta Progressive Conservatives can be defeated if the Alberta NDP, Alberta Liberals, and the Greens form a tactical electoral alliance; and
Whereas the combined support of these poarties committed to a greener economy and greater social justice is already about 10%, and an electoral alliance will attrac many currently disillusioned non-voters.

Therefore, be it resolved that this Convention direct the party leader to initiate a public negotiation with the leaders of the Alberta Liberals and the Green Party to conclude a tactical electoral alliance and to specify a procedure to allocate seats to each of the three parties for exclusive nominations in the next provincial election.
I'm not sure where some pieces of the resolution come from (in particular the combined share of the three parties' votes was about 40% - though if one squints hard enough it's not that far from 10% short of the PCs' share of the vote), and other parts of it may require some significant updating based on the deregistration of the Alberta Greens. But the larger issues still remain even if some of the details aren't quite right.

The resolution is fourth from the beginning of the list today - and with the first one passing without discussion and the second not taking too long, it looks like we'll have time for at least some discussion.

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