Saturday, October 04, 2008

On benefits

NDP Outsider raises some good points about the need for the New Democrats' campaign to place more emphasis on the party's child tax benefit proposal. But as important as it is to explain the details of what's included, I'd think the even more vital step at this point is to shine a spotlight on the broader effects of the benefit.

After all, the consensus direction for the balance of the campaign seems to involve a ballot question based on the economy. And while Jack Layton and company have built plenty of momentum by pointing out the Cons' incompetence and highlighting the NDP's provincial track record, the New Democrats' message at this point seems to be veering away from an explanation as to how its platform would help.

Of course, it's still a useful step to present specific examples of what the benefit would do for particular families. But it's even more important to mention at every available opportunity that it's by making sure those families can keep their heads above water that Canada can best secure its economy as a whole. And if that message is able to sink in, then the NDP should be ideally positioned to make sure the benefits of a greater focus on family-level economic stability can come to pass once the campaign is over.

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