Monday, September 29, 2008

Classified information

There's plenty of reason for skepticism about the theory behind today's Star article on immigration. But it's worth remembering that immigration is another area where the Cons seem to have conveniently timed the election to avoid having to answer for their most important policy plans.

After all, the main purpose and effect of the immigration changes within the Cons' Bill C-50 - which became law in mid-July - was to allow the responsible minister to act both quickly and arbitrarily in deciding whose applications would be prioritized. And all indications are that a round of closed-door consultations were to have ended in mid-August. As a result, the Cons have had time to present their first set of categories before going to the polls if there was any actual urgency to doing so.

By choosing not to do anything, the Cons have effectively confirmed that their justification for ramming the changes through was false all along. But for those who stand to be affected if Diane Finley or a Con successor does get a chance to start the process later, the failure to act before the election is even more important, as it means the Cons have deliberately chosen not to allow voters to see exactly which kinds of applicant they'd favour and which ones they'd cut off entirely. And the fact that they don't think they can defend a plan which is surely ready to be unveiled at a moment's notice should give voters reason for concern that they won't like what's in the works.

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