Friday, September 12, 2008

Open questions

Greg has offered his suggestions for the first question Elizabeth May should expect to have to answer about the Red Green pact. But particularly based on today's La Presse report, here's another suggestion for the debates or elsewhere:

You have talked about the importance of preventing Stephen Harper and his Conservative government from being re-elected, and entered into a special arrangement with the Liberals intended to make that happen. In the interests of stopping Harper, do you plan:
(a) to order your party to stand down against New Democrat or Bloc candidates who have a chance to defeat Conservatives to the same extent as you do with Liberal opponents?
(b) to endorse Jack Layton for Prime Minister if the New Democrats are polling ahead of the Liberals by the end of the campaign?
And if the answer to either is "no", then why does your concern with stopping Harper extend only to parties who are willing to help you win your seat?

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