Saturday, January 27, 2007

Willing to change

A Strategic Counsel poll for CTV and the Globe and Mail has found that contrary to the protestations of those looking for excuses to do nothing, Canadians are more than willing to make lifestyle changes in order to help the environment:
An increasing number of Canadians are willing to make sacrifices for the environment, according to a poll conducted for CTV News and The Globe and Mail.

About 93 per cent of those surveyed said they were willing to make some kind of sacrifice to solve global warming, according to findings from the poll conducted by the The Strategic Counsel.

According to the results:
* 76 per cent are willing to pay to have their houses retro-fitted to become more energy efficient
* 73 per cent would reduce the amount they fly to times when it is only absolutely necessary
* 72 per cent would pay more for a fuel-efficient car
* 62 per cent are willing to have the economy grow at a significantly slower rate
* 61 per cent would reduce the amount they drive in half.
This should put to rest the oft-heard complaint that the general public's interest in the environment ends where the potential cost of improvement begins. Which leaves only the question of whether the Con government is anywhere near as committed to improvement as Canada's citizens are - and what excuse will be presented next if not.

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