Monday, January 22, 2007

Random tidbits

A few notes to start off the work week...

- Olivia Chow points out another serious flaw in the Cons' incarnation of the EnerGuide program, as it won't benefit anybody who can't foot the bill up front to be reimbursed later.

- If you, like Lance, "really don't care about a measly $800 million", then the Saskatchewan Party and SK Cons are the parties for you.

- Am I the only one who suspects that this post title will all too likely get used again in the future (if perhaps not for another decade)?

- Shorter Ezra Levant: "How dare Stephane Dion suggest that anybody's making 'easy money' from the Alberta oilpatch? Why, if it wasn't for our good friend George's hard work, we'd never have pushed prices to where they are!"

- The Cons have got the "Leader" part down pat. No word yet on whether it'll be modified by "Dear" or "Supreme" in the future.

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